COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – The state rested its case in the Jonathan Renfro murder trial on Tuesday afternoon.

Renfro is charged with killing Sergeant Greg Moore in Coeur d’Alene back in 2015.

In court Tuesday, the trial focused on video of Renfro’s interview at the Kootenai County Sheriff’s Office after the shooting.

When the jury first saw Renfro enter the room on the video, he immediately sits down and puts his head on the table. He remains there or slouched for the rest of the interview.

Detectives begin by asking Renfro what happened on May 5. Renfro explains he met up with a friend named Davis from California and said he is part of the Aryan Brotherhood. Prosecutors have said Davis is a fictional character.

Renfro told detectives, "When Davis asks me to do something, I do it--no questions asked."

The interview goes on for a few hours and in that time, Renfro goes back and forth on whether or not Davis was with him when Sgt. Moore was shot. But one detail remained the same, Renfro admitted he shot Sgt. Moore. Renfro told detectives he did not intend to shoot Sgt. Moore at first and that he saw Sgt. Moore put his hand on his firearm. Renfro said he did not think. He said he just shot Sgt. Moore out of fear that he would find the gun in his pocket.

Renfro started to get choked up when he told detectives he has never killed anyone before and after killing Sgt. Moore he feels disgusting, like a monster.

At one point, detectives stepped out of the room and that is when Renfro put his head back on the table and eventually started to snore. The jury watched all 16 minutes of this because it is part of evidence. When detectives thanked Renfro for speaking with them at the end of the interview, he told them this is his way of making things right.