POST FALLS, Idaho – A woman who describes herself as a psychic said she was contacted by a family friend of a Post Falls man who was found dead.

William “Bo” Kirk was found dead in the Hayden Creek area of the Coeur d’Alene National Forest on Tuesday. He had been reported missing by his wife on Saturday after he did not return home from work.

The man who discovered Kirk’s body said he had been told that a psychic said Kirk would be near water and a ravine.

Jennifer Von Behren said that is the same conversation she had with a man who contacted her on Facebook Sunday about his missing friend.

"A lot of times when I'm connecting with somebody, things will just pop in. I just start feeling things," said Von Behren.

So as she was on Facebook messenger, Von Behren said she started to get sensations, as is the case for a medium, she said.

"The stuff that I did relay across was that I kept seeing water. And I kept seeing a ravine or a creek. And I kept hearing creek, so I was like I'm going to send him anything I'm picking up on right now," said Von Behren.

Those words - ravine and water - were relayed to a different family friend, Brian Johnston who went out looking for Kirk. As he said Wednesday, he says that lead him to go look at Hayden Creek. Von Behren, meanwhile, said during that same sensation as she was messaging Kirk's friend, she saw a vision of a tall man standing in her room. Again, at the time, she was not familiar with the case. Since then, she has seen a picture of Bo Kirk.

"I have since heard about it. And I was like, man that guy looks just like the one that I saw standing in my room when I was doing the messaging," said Von Behren.

Von Behren said she worked with authorities on the Groene family murder and kidnapping case in 2005. As for Kirk's case, she mentioned that she sends her condolences to the family.