POST FALLS, Idaho—Post Falls Police are warning residents to lock up their cat food because a masked bandit is on the loose.

Post Falls police said they responded to call from a resident who reported a suspicious individual was trying to get into their basement Wednesday night.

A Post Falls Police sergeant reasoned and said when they arrived on scene they located a black masked burglar hiding in a window well.

The sergeant said the bandit refused to listen to verbal commands and was even snarling at them.

PFPD officials said the situation was getting a little out of hand so a second sergeant was called for backup.

The two sergeants formulated a plan of attack to take the bandit into custody using a net and a catch pole, according to reports. They were able to snare the suspect and hoist him from the window well.

Reports said the suspects came out kicking, biting and snarling “unintelligible threats” to the sergeants as he actively resisted arrest.

Law enforcement said the plan of attack was flawless expect for one important detail: a plan for detaining the bandit once he was free.

The two sergeants said they thought without a set of handcuffs small enough they might lose a finger or contact rabies if they continued attempting to restrain the bandit.

Reports said the two let the raccoon back into the wild where he was last seen sprinting into nearby woods.