KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho --- The Post Falls Police Department post their most interesting and funny calls from their shifts on Facebook.

Every day is different for a police officer and if you scroll through the logs of the PFPD you can find just about anything. For a while now, the PFPD have compiled highlights from the calls they receive each shift. The logs were shared within the department to keep everyone up to speed, according to the PFPD. But the use of these highlights has changed over time.

“What they’ve really progressed to, is we utilize them to inform the public,” said PFPD Captain, Pat Knight.

They have been doing this for several years now, for each shift a sergeant will write out summaries of the most notable calls and send them to the communications team for review. Many funny things can be found in these logs.

“This one, for example, says a warrant arrest. Female called 911 in which she was crying, yelling and stating she drank too much…upon arrival, officers discovered the female had a warrant. Which she was arrested for,” said Knight.

Kinght said people calling themselves in on accident happens more than you think.

Over time they have seen all kinds of police calls, like bizarre fights.

“We had one once where someone was watering their yard and te water was getting on their neighbor’s yard and the neighbor didn’t like that,” said PFPD shift supervisor, Michaela Thompson.

Even though some situations are funny, there are more serious calls that officers respond to as well. Police said these logs give you a sense of what officers deal with each day and it helps promote communication with the public.

“For some people, it’s an eye opener to understand that some of these things do take place here,” said Thompson.

The PFPD does its best to respond to comments and Facebook messages from concerned people but they encourage you to call 911 if it is an emergency.