Parents in Post Falls are outraged about a situation that happened on a school bus early Friday morning.

They say a parent went on the bus and started yelling at students. The school district says this situation is an isolated incident, but parents aren't convinced they have seen the end of it.

Three concerned parents told KREM 2 they learned about the what happened at the bus stop after a phone call from the principal at West Ridge Elementary.

"It's very frustrating when you know something is happening to your children and you want to get to the bottom of it," Nick Schaffer, West Ridge Elementary parent said. "As a man and as a dad I know this. Protecting your kids is the number one priority."

Post Falls School District Superintendent Jerry Keane said police were contacted as a result of the parent's actions at the bus stop. He said starting Monday, after Thanksgiving break, a school resource officer will be at the bus stop before and after school.

"Our job is to make sure that our students and staff are not only safe, but that they feel safe," Keane said. "While we have no indication there will be a repeat of this situation. We just want everyone concerned to know we're very serious about keeping them safe."

Keane said there is security video from the school bus showing the man stepping onto the bus. But due to student privacy concerns, the video won't be released.

"We've actually tried to speak to this man personally as parents. And we can never get to them because they're never around," Schaffer said.

These West Ridge Elementary parents said this isn't the first time they have dealt with this individual who lives in their neighborhood. The school district says if parents have concerns about their child's safety at the bus stop, they should to report it to the district's office or the police.

The school district confirms this is an active investigation.