POST FALLS, Idaho – Police said the owner of a Post Falls bridal shop, who was the subject of several lawsuits, has died.

Misty Ceriello died in Seattle, according to Post Falls Police, but the circumstances of her death are not clear. An email seeking comment from Seattle Police was not immediately returned on Friday. Court documents indicate that in April, complications from dental surgery left Ceriello hospitalized in Spokane.

Several customers had accused Ceriello of never delivering wedding dresses that they had purchased. Several had filed lawsuits against her. The Post Falls Police department confirmed that at the time of her death, Ceriello was still being actively investigated by the department.

People had paid thousands for dresses from Cameo and never received them. Ceriello was facing felony grand theft and forgery charges in an unrelated case, but those charges were dismissed by prosecutors.

Those criminal cases against Ceriello, are now gone. Criminal cases die with a person. There are at least two civil cases. One of the people involved in one of the cases said they are dropping their lawsuit. She said the money she lost on her dress does not compare to what Ceriello's family is going through.

The other person who filed a suit still has a chance at getting their money back. Ceriello's death now changes the nature of the civil suits. Instead of the plaintiffs filing a claim against Ceriello, that claim is now against her estate. The court will appoint someone to represent her estate and the case will continue until judgment is issued. Once that happens, any kind of money to be paid out will come from the assets of Ceriello's estate.