COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho --- Flooding in Kootenai County caused huge pools of water to collect on homeowner’s properties.

Nicole Martel normally sees pasture land near her property. On Sunday, it looked more like a lake after water came down from the Coeur d’Alene River.

"It's pretty impressive we're not used to having this much," Marte said.

Her husband even tested the water with his Kayak.

Martel did not expect to get this much run off from snow and rain.

"Constantly trying to keep up with that we didn't get that extra water but obviously we got it anyways,” Martel said.

The water had not reached Martel's home, but about a mile or so up the road the creek waters were close to homes.

Homeowners who live off of Wolf Lodge Creek saw similar flooding in their backyards. Homeowners said there has not been any damage to their homes but the flood waters are getting pretty close.

Homeowners also said while this is not the worst flooding they have seen, it is still pretty bad.

More rain and melt off is expected for the area this week, causing residents to be concerned again..