PONDERAY, Idaho – There are all different variations of yoga: Goat, ice, beer and more.

The Panhandle Animal Shelter is hosting four yoga classes with cats.

They had their first class on January 4. Leaders of the shelter said the class went very well. It is held in the conference room where they turn down the light, play some music and let young cats roam the room.

They were not sure how the cats would react to people doing yoga around them, but they delivered. Shelter leaders said the cats climbed on people and sniffed around during the class.

The next three classes will be held at 1:00 p.m. every Thursday from January 11-25. It cost $50 for all four classes. Shelter leaders said if you wanted to do the next class, they would discount the package by $12.50. All the proceeds from the class will go to help the shelter.