COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho --- Monday will mark one year since a local pastor was shot multiple times while walking back to his car from service at Altar Church.

Tim Remington held a church service on Sunday that that was full of emotion.

The pastor began his service not from the pulpit but from the piano. It was the first time in a year that Remington had played in front of his Altar Church family.

"I had a hard time not crying because I am so thankful and happy," said church members Darrin and Tomi Maynard.

It was an amazing sight to see Pastor Remington take the seat at the piano one year after being shot just outside his church. The pastor was shot six times. Remington said he has nerve damage in his hands and lives in constant pain.

"I've still got over 30 pieces of shrapnel and three bullets in me and so they burn, and they destroy stuff and so I'm still getting through that. Recovery is hard, getting shot is one thing, recovery from it is a whole other thing," said Pastor Remington.

Through the pain of recovery Remington and the church continue their mission to bring people closer to Christ, including, Remington hopes, to the man who is accused of shooting him.

"I want to minister to him I want to help him the system is not going to help him to get better, they'll lock him away for a long time but they won't help him to get better, the only person who can help him get better is Christ" said Remington.

For now Pastor Remington will continue to lead Altar Church.