POST FALLS, Idaho – A neglected horse in Post Falls has a second shot at life thanks to generous neighbors.

The horse, named Sundae, looks a lot better Tuesday than she did back in February. Her front hooves are bent and curved – they are not supposed to be.

Sundae is getting better, and she has a whole community behind her.

The ordeal began back in February when Kevin Pozas first spotted the horse. Sundae was freezing.

“She was just laying in the field basically skin and bones laying in her own manure,” Pozas said. “No food, no water around.”

So, a group of neighbors contacted the horse’s owner, who they said had neglected her, and convinced him to give up Sundae.

Neighbors then carried Sundae – literally – to a car and then into Kevin Pozas’ yard nearby.

“They say she probably had a couple of days left.”

Her hooves were so misshapen because they had not been taken care of – trimmed essentially.

She is in pain and has a hard time walking as a result. A specialist was able to trim the hooves back a little.

After Pozas’ wife started a GoFundMe page and put the word out online, over three thousand dollars to help save Sundae poured in.

Sundae will now go for another surgery on her hooves next week.

“Brings back your faith in people, because they really – the response has been incredible,” Pozas said.

“It’s truly been incredible.”

Sundae’s health is of course much better than it was in February – she has regained around 200 pounds. As for her former owner, another published report said the man has not yet been charged but the case is still active.