POST FALLS, Idaho – A group of nuns at St. Dominic’s School and Convent near Post Falls, Idaho, are getting help Monday after dealing with harassment.

Last week, KREM 2 found out about how the sisters have been getting harassed for years by teenagers and young adults.

After our story aired, several parents at the school reached out and formed a neighborhood watch group. Even people from across the country contacted the nuns. One person in New York reached out to express concern about what was going on.

Before the neighborhood watch group was formed, the only security the nuns had at St. Dominic’s were cameras. Now, they are getting a helping hand from the community. The new watch group is made up of 18 men, some of whom are not associated with the school at all.

Every night, at least two volunteers will be at the gates keeping an eye out for any of the trespassing teenagers who verbally assault the nuns.

"Have they nothing better to do with their lives?" asked volunteer Michael Powers.

Last week, a group walked around the convent grounds, cussing and banging window shutters as nuns slept inside.

“A car pulled in, and someone pulled his out of the passenger side and started shouting obscenities at me. Really vulgar things,” said Sister Marie Stella.

Powers added, "It's alarming because you've got young girls and women who reside here."

After that incident and KREM 2’s story, the sisters at St. Dominic’s now have their own guardian angels so to speak.

The watch group wanted to let the teenagers know that they do not want any trouble, they just want them to stay home and leave the nuns and the convent alone.

"I would say: just stay away. Just go find something useful with your life to do," said Powers.

Another member of the watch group said they hope to hire a full-time security guard in the future.