RATHDRUM, Idaho -- Two little girls are spreading joy and love with a blanket and a hug.

Gracie and Ava Keppner recently learned how to sew and wanted to use their new skills to bring happiness to others.

"Since we can't hug everyone physically, we decided to make blankets because it's the next best thing to a hug," Gracie said.

So began the "Blanket Hugs" project. Gracie and Ava stitch together blankets and deliver them to adults and children who have cancer, lost a loved one or just in need of some happiness. One of the 14 blankets already delivered went to a boy named Ryker and a man named Norman. Both of them are fighting cancer. To say these blanket hugs are made with love would be an understatement. Each blanket is given a little heart and the love does not stop there.

"Before we sew the hearts on we like to hug each one of them. Then we sew it on the blanket and fold it up. Then, when we're about to deliver them, we put our hand on it and pray over the blanket," Gracie said.

Then for the final touch, a poem written by Gracie and Ava with a little help from mom.

"This is your blanket hug to keep you warm and comfy. While life seems a little bumpy, it's true a hug passes pain when you're sad. Hugs lift you up and make you glad. You're on your way to much better days. So we want to say, wrap this warm hug around your shoulders tight to bring a smile day or night. This blanket Hug was created just for you by small caring hands and big hearts too," the notes read.

They hope to make 100 blankets.