COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – A North Idaho repair company said they have been busier than usual this winter when it comes to retrieving sunken boats.

Heavy snow and ice can weigh down boats and cause them to take on water. This may be bad news for boat owners but it means business for North Idaho Maritime. The company does several things on the water. They use a crane to pull up sunken boats and pump out the water. The company superintendent said they are busier than normal this year thanks to the rough winter.

"Basically, the snow load gets it down low enough in the water where it starts filling up the boat," said North Idaho Maritime Superintendent Jason Garvey.

The freeze-thaw cycle is to blame sometimes too. A constant need to pump out water can fry electrical systems.

"The bilge pumps running all the time. Then the batteries end up getting burnt up," Garvey explained.

It is not like every single boat on North Idaho waters is at risk of sinking. These problems just happen here and there. Typically a lack of maintenance or clearing off snow is to blame. This serves as a good reminder to check on your vessel if you keep it on the water. If not, you'll create even more work for North Idaho Maritime.