KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho – For the fourth year in a row, an American flag has mysteriously appeared atop a large tree along I-90 in North Idaho near Fourth of July Pass.

The Forest Service has previously said that while it does not condone the flag, it was not going to take it down.
The flag was put up slightly later this year than it was last year. As KREM 2 has reported, it is a mysterious as to who the patriotic tree-climber is.

The Forest Service does not know either, and they are not going to pursue that person. The agency has previously said that, while patriotic, an act like this is not legal, or safe for that matter. Memorials on Forest Service land aren't authorized, and they're worried copycats could be inspired.

The Forest Service has said that it was not going to investigate this flag or make a big deal about it. They have plenty of other things to worry about. KREM 2 checked back in with a USFS spokesperson Friday and was told that is the same case this year. Getting up there to remove the flag would be too dangerous too.

Whoever is climbing up there is not worried about safety. Officials said the tree's safety has been compromised. The Forest Service said that the person responsible has cut off the very top of the tree, making it more prone to disease.

If you know of the person who puts the flag up there or you are that person, contact KREM 2. We would be interested in talking with you.