SPOKANE, Wash. — Jonathan Renfro was found guilty of first degree murder in October in the death of Coeur d'Alene Police Sergeant Greg Moore. The following week, the jury decided Renfro was eligible for the death penalty.

The trial began the mitigation phase Monday where the defense has to prove to the jury there are mitigating factors that suggest Renfro should be sentenced to life in prison.

During the Mitigation phase, the defense said it plans to call on multiple witnesses, relatives of Renfro and inmates who know him.

The defense said it hopes testimony from witnesses will paint a picture for the jury of who Renfro is and what influenced his character that led to the killing of Sgt. Moore.

The defense also plans to argue several mitigating factors, or reasons, why Jonathan Renfro should not face the death penalty. Some of those reasons include Renfro having Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and a neurological deficit.

In court Monday, Renfro’s mother Carol testified. She said Renfro had trouble learning in school and doctors encouraged him to take Adderall. Carol said her son was never diagnosed with ADHD.

Renfro’s mother was emotional as she told the jury nothing in her son’s behavior growing up made her believe he would be in court today.

Also in court Monday was a testimony from a psychologist who told the jury Renfro is psychologically different compared to his two other siblings. The psychiatrist said that is what he believes explains Renfro’s behavior and criminal activities.

The mitigation phase for the trial is expected to take about two weeks due to the amount of evidence and number of witnesses.