COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Friday marks two years since Coeur d’Alene Police Sergeant Greg Moore was gunned down in the line of duty.

Sgt. Moore was patrolling a neighborhood when investigators said he stopped a suspicious man who later shot and killed him.

To honor and remember Moore several local businesses donated part of their profits to support his legacy.

Roger's burgers donated 20 percent of their profits Friday to help fund a memorial that will be built in his honor. They also collected cash donations. The money will go toward the planned K27 Memorial in McEuen Park. K27 was Moore’s calls sign. One eager customer jumped at the opportunity to help.

"He's like, ‘Oh you guys are donating? Well then, double my order," said assistant manager Hannah Miars. "I was surprised.”

Down Sherman Avenue, Sweet Lou's restaurant is pitching in 10 percent of their earnings in the name of Moore.

"We've gotten a few calls already trying to reserve seats so that they can donate. It's definitely not going unnoticed," said Sweet Lou’s Manager Jason Wilhelm.

Moore’s death rocked the Inland Northwest. At the time, there were several ways the community stepped up to the plate.

The City of Coeur d’Alene is close to breaking ground on a permanent tribute. The small water feature at McEuen Park will pay tribute to him and all officers who died in the line of duty. Just two years after his death, organizers are only $40,000 away from the $300,000 they need to build the first phase of this project.

The folks at Sweet Lou's are hoped to close in on that dollar shortage Friday. They saw the support first hand Friday, before they will eventually see the memorial from their location right across from the park.

"I think it's going to be awesome. Just knowing that we helped with that foundation. Seeing that memorial out there will be a good feeling for us,” said Wilhelm.

Organizers hope to break ground on the memorial within the next month.