RATHDRUM, Idaho – The Lakeland School District has fast tracked some security improvements at Lakeland Junior High where a pair of students were arrested after making hit lists.

Superintendent Dr. Becky Meyer admits she is a mother herself and when it comes to school security, she gets it.

“You want your child to be in a safe, supportive learning environment," said Meyer.

Following what happened at Lakeland Junior High, security is something everyone is talking about. According to Rathdrum Police, a pair of students were arrested after staff and investigators found them with what they are calling hit lists.

The entrance to the junior high school will be locked while school is in session. There are a few other changes as well.

"Because of what happened last week, I asked if we could please look at if there are any safety measures that we could increase at Lakeland Junior High in the meantime," Meyer explained.

As you are approaching the entrance, you will see a sign and the doorbell that you will have to buzz for entry. As that is happening, you will see a security camera. Staff inside are then able to look at who is at the front door.

The security camera was previously in place, but staff are now able to have a live look at the entrance, so to speak. It is worth noting that these improvements were already in the works and are covered by a levy passed by voters last spring.

The recent incidents sped up their rollout, though. Meanwhile, security changes are in the works at Lakeland senior high school. The principal there has assembled a task force of students, parents, and staff members to look at what security improvements there would be appropriate.

As for the two students who were arrested, Meyer said she cannot disclosure their current standing in the district.