COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho -- Lake City High School students were asked to abide by new security measures Friday after a student was arrested for making a series of threats at the school.

Coeur d’Alene Police said the boy sent a threatening message and a picture with a threatening caption. The suspect now faces four misdemeanor charges. Another student is facing disciplinary action through the school after a threat against Lake City cheerleaders was posted to Snapchat. A third threat is under investigation.

Students were not allowed to leave the school for lunch or use their cell phones at all during the school day on Thursday and Friday. The principal said the no cell phone rule was meant to stop the spread of threats and dangerous rumors, but students felt otherwise.

“What if something actually is happening like life threatening, I need to get a hold of my parents because having our devices off is not going to stop anything, it's not going to stop the threats because it will happen through notes,” said one student.

When phones were out of the picture lunch time proved to be different. Students said a lot of people at lunch just sat there and did nothing.

Students also said the anonymous app Sarahah, where one of the threats was made, was taken way too far.

“The apps in our school are like overpowering students, because that is basically how they communicate the whole time,” said another student.

The student who was arrested for one of the threats was taken to the Kootenai Juvenile Detention Center and is facing four misdemeanor counts of using a telephone to make threats.