KOOTENAI CO., Idaho – Kootenai County Sheriff’s Deputies have placed an emphasis on distracted driving that has resulted in numerous violations.

On Wednesday, members of the Sheriff’s Traffic Team and Patrol Division conducted a special enforcement patrol for distracted drivers along the Prairie Avenue and Highway 95 near Hayden.

The patrol featured both marked and unmarked patrol vehicles that coordinated with each other to detect and contact drivers who were impaired by distractions inside their vehicle. This included texting while driving.

Deputies made over 25 contacts and issued 20 citations. Most citations were for texting and driving, but deputies observed other dangerous driving patterns.

Deputies said that even when all the marked vehicles were busy on traffic stops, the number of violations observed by the unmarked vehicle nearly double the current traffic stops.

KCSO hopes these enforcement patrols will reduce the number of distracted driving crashes in the county, which happen almost daily.