HAYDEN, Idaho – The Kootenai County Sheriff’s deputy involved in a deadly crash in Hayden on Saturday is on leave. Authorities have identified him as Deputy Andrew Nye, 33.

Radio traffic from the deputy and first responders is giving new insight into what happened.

“I need medical. I just struck a person, southbound 95,” the deputy said over the radio.

That call followed just moments after surveillance camera captured the crash between the deputy and the 38-year-old woman. The footage was not purchased by KREM 2 News, but was instead provide by a local business.

Other radio traffic relating to the call follows over the course of around a 10 minute period. First responders made it clear that help was needed.

"I need medical to upgrade right now,” said one first responder.

“They've been dispatched and they've been dispatched code,” another responded.

Less than ten minutes later, we hear this.

“37 year old female, still no pulse."

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office said the deputy involved has been placed on leave. Other details relating to the investigation are not clear. The victim was Amber Viuhkola. HE family has asked for privacy at this time.

Meanwhile, friends of hers said she was a loving and dedicated mother and grandmother. They said Viuhkola's family was everything to her.