COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho — The trial for the man accused of killing Sergeant Greg Moore began Monday with jury selection.

Jury selection for Jonathan Renfro's murder trial is expected to take a minimum of three days and at most 10 days due to a high volume of jurors to interview before the judge and attorneys can select the final 16.

There are 10 jury panels, each with around 75 potential jurors that the court must interview for the trial.

Monday, about half of the first panel was excused because the judge was not able to get through all 75 at once. Court officials said Judge Lansing Haynes is expected to get through the first panel of 75 by Tuesday. This pattern will continue for each panel until the judge and attorneys select 44 "likely or probable juror candidates".

The selected 44 will go through another round of questions, which will help determine the final 16. 12 will be jurors and 4 will be alternates.

The selection process started with a 46-page questionnaire. Next, jurors will be asked a series of questions to determine if they are able to follow the judge's instructions. This includes putting aside their opinions, listening to evidence and holding the state to its burden of proof.

One of the jurors was excused because they claimed to be friends with several members of local law enforcement. Another juror was excused after saying the incident happened near their neighborhood, which prompted them to follow media coverage closely.

After the jury is selected, the attorneys will present their opening statements and witness testimony will begin.

According to reports, Jonathan Renfro pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including eluding police and grand theft in early September. Authorities said Renfro did not plead guilty to the first-degree murder charge he is facing.

Reports said sentencing for Renfro’s other charges will happen after the murder trial finishes.