HAYDEN, Idaho— A Coeur d’Alene woman shared about her encounter with an Idaho State police trooper as he offered to pray with her instead of issue a ticket Sunday.

KREM 2 received a Facebook post Monday afternoon that told the story of her encounter with Cpl. Chuck Robnett when he pulled her over for having expired tags on the vehicle she was driving.

The woman said she has been down on her luck the past few months. She lost a business she started in 2016, was behind on her bills and was trying not to let her house go into foreclosure.

According to the Facebook post, When the trooper asked her for the insurance, she began to cry. The trooper then asked why.

The woman explained her story to the trooper. Instead of giving her a ticket, the interaction between her and Cpl. Robnett resulted in something much more.

"He came up to me after taking my information back to the car and he said, 'Well I have some big news that you're not gonna get a ticket today, but even bigger than that is that you're on the right path and everyone's going to hear your story' and just basically filled me up with some loving kind words that this is not the end, it's the beginning,” she said.

What happened next has resulted in the Facebook post gathering more than 500 likes and shares.

“At that moment he asked me if he could pray for me. It felt appreciated. It felt seen that all the times that I've wanted to give up paid off in that one moment."

The woman said the trooper defines protecting and serving.