POST FALLS, Idaho – Questions continue to linger about the murder of a Post Falls man.

Bo Kirk worked at Northwest Specialty Hospital and two suspects were spotted in his truck the night of the disappearance. Some believe one of those suspects may have been wearing scrubs like workers wear in a hospital.

The CEO of Northwest Specialty Hospital said Kirk had been an X-ray tech there for around four years. In that short time, he became one of Northwest Specialty’s most notable employees.

"I keep wanting to wake up and think it's a bad dream. This does not happen in North Idaho. I've lived here my whole life and just can't believe what's going on," said CEO Rick Rasmussen.

But amid the tragedy, Rasmussen notes that the people who killed Kirk are still at large. Because of that, he said the hospital has ramped up security. Police are now present for each shift change.

"Nobody's 100 percent sure. I'm just not willing to take a chance," said Rasmussen.

As for the investigation, a big question relates to the clothing worn by the unknown man driving Kirk's truck. They appear to be wearing medical scrubs and the last place Kirk was seen alive was the hospital.

"The scrubs that this person is wearing, and again, we don't know for certain if they are scrubs but they appear to be. That would not match here. We wear all black scrubs. And all of our scrubs have our northwest logo," said Rasmussen.

Rasmussen said everyone at the hospital has been mourning Kirk's loss. As for who the person is, he said it is only a matter of time until they are caught.

“It's a shame we're having to go through this. There's just some despicable people out there and I cannot wait until they're found,” said Rasmussen.