POST FALLS, Idaho – This time of the year, it’s very normal to see Santa or a reindeer greeting you from festive front yards. But at the Anderson home in Post Falls, you are greeted by the Griswolds.

“Our theme this year was National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation where we have cousin Eddie and Clark Griswold,” explained Rita Anderson. “Clark is trimming the tree and the squirrel is out in the yard and we have the car and music in the background that goes along with the movie.”

The clever scene is not the Andersons only nod to the Christmas classic. In 2014, they even sent out a Griswold-themed Christmas card.

“I think everybody can relate, to a certain extent, to Christmas Vacation,” Anderson said.

If you recall, cousin Eddie is somewhat of a nuisance. And it turns out the Anderson’s mannequin is playing his role a bit too well.

“The irony!” exclaimed Anderson. “He’s a nuisance to Clark Griswold and now I guess he’s a nuisance to my homeowners’ association.”

The HOA has asked Anderson to relocate cousin Eddie from his spot near the street to further back in the yard. Anderson said even though the HOA gave her 48 hours to do so, she doesn’t plan to move him until after Christmas.

“I’m a little disappointed that the HOA would ask me to take cousin Eddie down,” she said. “He’s there for the enjoyment and the humor for people to have a good laugh when they drive by.”

For the last five years, Anderson said she’s hung Christmas lights, put out presents and even posted wanted signs for the criminals in Home Alone. However, this is the first time she says she has ever gotten a letter from her HOA.

KREM 2 reached out the Montrose Master Association to ask about its request to move cousin Eddie, but we have not yet received a response.