BAYVIEW, Idaho – You have heard of heavy snow causing roofs and awnings to cave in but what about when that snow is on top of a home that is floating on a lake?

In the town of Bayview on Lake Pend Oreille, some homeowners are dealing with that. One boat on the lake is almost completely underwater and another is tipping over. Now, neighbors are rushing to fix the problem.

Paul Victorino has been working to knock off chunks of ice and snow in hopes of straightening things out.

"It's probably not the most enjoyable thing to be doing. Because you have to worry about not falling in the water or getting hit with snow," said Victorino.

Snow in the area has been so heavy it's causing some of the homes on Lake Pend Oreille to begin to tip.
Wally Adams has lived there for close to 40 years and has seen this before. Luckily, his A-frame float home was spared due to the design.

"There was one down here earlier this year that tipped so far over they had to dismantle it," said Adams.

Not all of these float homes are inhabited year-round. Victorino is helping out a family member with the job of removing the snow. Adams and others have called neighbors to make sure everyone is aware of the situation because losing a lovely floating home to some heavy snow would be a shame.