HAYDEN, Idaho – Students at Hayden Meadows Elementary School saw the devastation in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and wanted to help.

Nearly 80 percent of Puerto Rico is still without power exactly one month after Hurricane Maria slammed into the U.S. island. Officials said it could take at least six months to get the lights back on.

The second graders in Mrs. Beck’s class did what they do best and grabbed markers and paper to write positive messages to kids their age in Puerto Rico.

Beck showed her students a video of the destruction in the country.

“When I played the video I was really going for awareness in the beginning, but when I saw how big their hearts were and how they wanted to help we just went with it,” Beck said.

Her second graders wanted to do something right away. They decided that drawing pictures with messages of hope would cheer up their fellow students in Puerto Rico.

“I drew the picture because I wanted to show them that we care and we want to help them,” one student said.

Beck wanted her student to understand what was happening and even the simple acts of kindness can make and impact

“Not only are we sending cards to show them that we love them and we care but we are raising awareness about it and people here are going to be able to help as well,” Beck explained.