COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Owners of a floating jungle gym located a couple hundred feet from the shores of Downtown Coeur d’Alene claim Idaho law allows them to be there.

City leaders have asked them to move the structure, saying the owners of the Hooligan jumped the gun when it came to getting approval.

The owners said they have been in talks with the city about putting this out here for a month now. While there was some criticism when this appeared, the owners said they are serious about going about this the right way.

This is the third such "Hooligan Island" that Rob Riley and his business partner have built at their shop in the Coeur d'Alene area. A previous island was put up on a lake in Arizona.

So, the Hooligan Island guys thought, ‘Why not put one up in our own backyard and try to make some money on it?’” That is exactly what they did, somewhat to the chagrin of city leaders.

"We're a little bit surprised with the amount of pushback," said Riley. "By all Idaho laws, we can be there."

Their business is not up and running right now. The goal is to charge admission to use the Hooligan and have it staffed with lifeguards and then security on shore. Riley said they met with the city parks department last month to talk about a game plan. While they are still working things out, they figured they'd at least set out the Hooligan on the water, something city leaders said they did not ask to do.

"I think 'permission' must be a different definition. So it was discussed where it was going to go, when it was going to come out here," said Riley.

Many wonder where the company's kiosk will be on shore that will sell tickets. Since they are a business within the city, there are plenty of hoops they have to jump through first to get approval.

"That's where there's more of a process that we're still working with the city on," Riley explained.

Until then, Hooligan Island will have to be somewhat of a tease. The Hooligan will be moved by the end of Wednesday. It is not clear when it may return.