COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho --- The family of Reggie Nault, the Athol teenager who drowned in Lake Coeur d’Alene in 2015, is suing four people in relation to his death.

The lawsuit, filed Tuesday, sues two adults and two teenagers who allegedly contributed to Nault’s death.

Nault died after falling or jumping into deep water near Arrow Point after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Two teenage boys that were with him on the boat are accused in the suit of hiding evidence and obstructing the investigation.

The lawsuit claims the teen driving the boat was going 51 mph when Nault entered the water, and that the other teen acting as spotter did not make sure Nault was safe.

“Each [defendant] assisted, allowed, encouraged and/or facilitated Reggie’s entering the water without a floatation device in an area where the water was over Reggie’s head, distant from shore and while [the defendant] was operating the vessel at a very high rate of speed,” the lawsuit reads.

One of the teens allegedly posted a video to Snapchat that showed the speedometer of the boat then Nault just before he disappeared into the water. The lawsuit also claims the teens left the scene of where Nault entered the water, told police the incorrect speed of the boat at the time of the incident, and refused to give detectives their cell phones that would have had GPS location information that would have helped them find Nault.

“Friends are supposed to care for each other and make sure their friends are safe, not mislead law enforcement, escape responsibility and leave their friend behind,” said Nault’s mother, Brandi Jones, in a release.

Two adults, Tracey Lynn and Dale Atkisson, are also named in the lawsuit, for allegedly furnishing alcohol to minors. Court documents allege Atkisson and Lynn were at a restaurant while the teens were eating and bought them derailers after they were denied by the server.

Nault’s body was found almost two weeks after the incident by a private search crew.

Nault’s mother and sister, Brandi Jones and Dasha Drahos respectively, filed the civil lawsuit asking for a jury trial.

“Reggie more than paid for any mistake he made,” said Dasha Jones in a release. “My brother is dead. We can’t turn a blind eye to the actions of others who may have contributed to his death.”

The family filed a civil suit in the case; there have been no criminal charges filed.