KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho – As the search continues Friday for whomever killed a Post Falls man, KREM 2 is examining one of the challenges investigators are facing – the rain.

William “Bo” Kirk was found dead Tuesday after being reported missing by his wife over the weekend. His truck was found fully engulfed in flames, and security video caught a glimpse of two people in Kirk’s truck withdrawing cash from Kirk’s account in an ATM.

Kirk’s body was left in the Hayden Creek area, not far from a popular shooting pit.

It is commonly referred to as Hayden Creek road. The dirt road, which leads into popular National Forest land, starts just north of Hayden Lake and runs along the creek of the same name.

It was somewhere along a mile and a half stretch of road where Kirk’s body was left, according to the man who found him, Brian Johnston.

Johnston said he drove to the shooting range, and then decided to turn around and drive back the way he came and went about an eight of a mile or so before he found Kirk’s body.

Using his estimates, Kirk’s body could have been found in a thickly wooded area, but investigators have not released specifics about where Kirk’s body was found.

Investigators said recent rains hampered some of their efforts. Detectives were looking for any kinds of tire tracks or footprints in the area – and the mud does not help.

Officials said the rain could have washed away some evidence or moved it as well.