KOOTENAI CO., Idaho – Court testimony during murder suspect David Hutto’s sentence hearing Monday revealed new details about the night Bo Kirk was murdered in North Idaho.

In court Monday, prosecutors laid out how Kirk was kidnapped and killed, after essentially being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Prosecutors said Hutto and his alleged accomplice and roommate, Justin Booth, were driving and scoping out houses to rob when they saw Kirk driving.

Court transcripts show that in an interview with authorities, Hutto said that Booth discussed killing people in the home invasions as well.

As the pair traveled south on Ramsey Road, Bo Kirk pulled up behind them in his truck – apparently on his way home from work.

David Hutto court appearance

According to court testimony, it was in that moment that they decided to let Kirk pass them, follow him home and kidnap him.

As Booth drove his own truck, Hutto hopped in Kirk’s truck, with Kirk in the passenger seat, and drove him to a wooded area nearby. Prosecutors said they placed zipties around his hands.

Kirk was eventually shot and left for dead near the Hayden Creek shooting range.

It is not clear who pulled the trigger, though both Hutto and Booth implicated each other.

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Court documents said both Hutto and Booth tried to destroy some of the evidence, like gloves and masks, in a fire pit in their backyard.

Kirk’s wife and some of his children read prepared statements to the court.

“Bo was the ultimate family man,” his sister said. “Because of [Hutto’s] actions, I am fearful for people I don’t know.”

Hutto’s public defender agreed the crime was senseless, but argued Hutto was only involved in the crime because Justin Booth told him to be. The defense also argued that Hutto has a history of mental illness and asked the judge for a shot at parole one day in the future.

The judge sentenced Hutto to three life sentences without the possibility of parole. Booth is now in custody on a federal gun charge. The Kootenai County prosecutor told KREM 2 he plans to bring charges against Booth relating specifically to the Bo Kirk murder.

He said those charges will likely come sometime in the next month.

Mug shot of Justin Booth. (Photo: Bonner County Sheriff's Office)