POST FALLS, Idaho – A North Idaho man was arrested early Saturday morning for driving under the influence of alcohol after it was reported he fell asleep in a Post Falls Jack in the Box drive-thru.

According to court records, police responded to the report to find Cade A. Gillihan in the driver’s seat of a car, slumped to one side. Police attempted to wake him by speaking loudly, but ultimately had to shake Gillihan awake.

Police said they could immediately smell an odor of alcohol coming from inside the vehicle. Court records state Gillihan’s eyes were observed to be blood shot, red and glossy.

Gillihan told the responding officer that he had been the designated driver for his friends who were celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. Officers asked Gillihan questions to ensure he was in fact in physical control of his vehicle. According to court documents, Gillihan told police he had to walk two miles back to his truck and then drove the vehicle from Coeur d’Alene to Post Falls to get something to eat.

Gillihan told officers he was really tired and that is why he fell asleep. According to court records, Gillihan also told officers it is not unusual for him to fall asleep in unusual places.

Court records state Gillihan struggled on the walk and turn evaluation, as well as the one leg stand evaluation.

Gillihan admitted to consuming one beer. Based on his admission, as well as his blood shot eyes, the smell of alcohol coming from his person and his inability to correctly performs the offered tests, police advised Gillihan that he would be detained pending a submission of a breath sample on scene.

Court documents state Gillihan blew a .086 and then a .083 on his breath sample.

Police asked Gillihan if there were any weapons in the vehicle, to which he said there was only a small pocket knife. Police located and seized two fire arms including a Ruger MK .22 and a New England 12 gauge shot gun.

Gillihan was booked and charged for driving under the influence.