COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Many U.S. lawmakers have not been holding public town hall meetings to avoid angry constituents.

Idaho Representative Raul Labrador got up in front of voters at Lake City High School Friday night to talk about the issues. The auditorium was packed with people eager to ask questions.

The first question of the night was about health care. While other subjects were mentioned throughout the night, the conversation always seemed to go back to health care.

Tension ran a bit high and people gripped ‘immoral’ and ‘moral’ signs to show their support or displeasure with any of the comments made. At times the discussion got a bit out of hand, with people shouting over the person at the microphone, but Labrador reigned it in.

"I would ask all of you to have respect for each other. Please don't yell at people who you disagree with," Labrador said at one point during the meeting.

The congressman was confronted by questions about taxes, Amtrak but the subject of health care stole the show. A recent House vote has moved forward with repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. Some comments were in opposition to the Affordable Care Act

"You literally can't afford it. We need to figure it out because it's wrong the middle class," one person said.

Others were more concerned about how pre-existing conditions are handled in the new legislation.

"I trust these people with my child's life so either you are lying or about people with pre-existing conditions," another person said.

Labrador stuck by his vote in favor of the new health care plan.

"I believe this health care plan will prove more access to people than under Obamacare. I am trying to find a solution that reduces the cost of health care for all Americans just not the election few," he explained.

Representative Labrador was also in Lewiston Friday. No word on when he will host another town hall.