KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho --- The Coeur d’Alene skate park by Memorial Field is being upgraded to make it more fun and safer.

The skate park is being moved to a parking lot north of Best Avenue, where it will be upgraded.

Local skater Jason Olsen said it was not that difficult to see the skate park, where he has spent the last two decades, being taken down and changed.

“It was time. I know there’s been a lot of high emotions and what not as far as it being torn down,” said Olsen.

Some people were shocked to see the Memorial Field skate park getting torn up, but Olsen welcomed the change. He has been pushing for a better area to skate in Coeur d’Alene for the last six years.

“This beautiful city deserves to have a super rad skate park,” said Olsen.

The old skate park will be replaced with the new one as part of the city’s ongoing “Four Corners” project. Olsen and some other skaters wanted to help make the new skate park a reality. They raised money and teamed up with the city to collaborate on the project, as part of the North Idaho Skate Park Association. They raised around $6,000 and part of that went to conceptual drawings for the new park.

“We’d like to have a spot that’s ten minutes away that we can let our boys grow up and get settled in too…we are working with the city. The city is 110% behind us,” said NISPA member, Greg Holt.

The city leaders are doing their part too, the skaters said. Some of the ramps from the old park have been moved to a parking lot north of Best Avenue. KREM 2 was told the ground there would be repaved.

At the old skate park location, city officials are still seeking some extra funding to help pay for the new skate park after a state grant fell through. City officials said they are confident it will happen, and the skate park association wants to make sure they do their part too.

“We need to step up and get this younger generation involved and show them the ropes on how to get things done,” said Holt. “I think overall, the city understands that that’s an important thing.”

They hope the new skate park will be completed by the spring of 2018.