HARRISON, Idaho -- Neighbors on a stretch of road in Harrison, Idaho waited months for the city to fix damage from a mudslide.

Since March, neighbors who live on Sunset Terrace felt unsafe on their own street. A mudslide took out part of the road, wiped out one homeowner's driveway and left his home and garage on a slant.

At the time, the City said they would put in a temporary fix but as of Thursday it had not been fixed. KREM 2 spoke with Wanda Irish the Mayor of Harrison on Thursday and she said a temporary fix would be put in this week. Irish said the work was completed by Tuesday afternoon.

"They came out with some good heavy equipment and they dug a lot of that dirt by the road out and they put nice rock down there," said homeowner Nick John.

John said it was a long wait but that he is happy with the temporary fix.

"It was very frustrating, I wrote a lot of letters and made a lot of phone calls to shake their chain because I was getting nowhere, and it was funny, after you guys came down and boom boom two days later, all the sudden I see all the heavy equipment coming in," he said.

Irish said it took her a long time to get the work approved.

“This has been bothering me since, April, since it happened and I've been concerned for the neighbors and I just pushed and pushed and pushed and we got it completed,” she said.

Although a permanent fix will still need to happen in the Spring. Neighbors said they finally feel safe again.