COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho -- Testimony in the trial for a man accused of killing Coeur d'Alene Police Sergeant Greg Moore entered its third day.

Jonathan Renfro is on trial for murder and so far jurors have seen dash cam and body cam video of his confrontation with Sgt. Moore.

On Thursday, they saw new video from another patrol car showing what Renfro said after his arrest, along with witness testimony from paramedics who took Sgt. Moore to the hospital.

The video the jury saw shows Renfro in the backseat of a Kootenai County patrol car. You can hear the deputy ask Renfro, "Where did you hide the firearms?"

Renfro replied, "I don't have them. Davis has them."

This is only the second time there has been a reference to the name Davis. The first time was when prosecutors told the jury it is a fictional character Renfro made up and blamed for shooting Sgt. Moore.

The jury later heard testimony from a paramedic who responded to where Sgt. Moore's body was found along with dash cam video showing their arrival. In the dash cam video, you can see paramedics take over chest compressions on Sgt. Moore as they load him into the ambulance.

Captain Steven Jones with the Coeur d'Alene Fire Department told the jury he knew Sergeant Moore but said, "I had to ask who it was because I couldn't recognize him." Captain Jones went on to describe what he saw, which was large amounts of blood around Sgt. Moore's nose, mouth and ears. He went on to say he was unable to find a pulse and Sgt. Moore was not breathing.

Prosecutors also presented several very graphic photos of Sgt. Moore's autopsy.

Several members of Sgt. Moore's family attended the first two days of the trial, but they were not in court on Thursday.