COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho – Monday marks one year since a popular Coeur d’Alene pastor was shot outside his church.

Pastor Tim Remington is back preaching and is continuing to recover. The arrest of the accused gunman made headlines across the county.

Investigators said Kyle Odom, 30, showed up to the Altar Church and shot Remington as he walked to his car. Authorities said Odom would then catch a plane to Washington D.C. and get arrested after throwing flash drives over the fence of the White House. Later, a rambling manifesto from Odom would reveal claims that aliens had taken over his life.

Following his arrest, police said that Odom had a history of mental health issues. A mental health evaluation that was given to Odom after his arrest showed he was not impaired. A doctor did determine that Odom could not assist his court appointed lawyer and lacks the capacity to make informed decisions about treatment.

A judge then ordered that Odom be handed over to the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for treatment at a state hospital, where he remains as of Friday. His criminal case and his charge of aggravated battery were put on hold. As of Monday, that is still the case.

According to court records, Odom had no pending hearings. The Department of Health and Welfare actually issued a report on Odom on Thursday but it has been sealed. It is not clear what progress, if any, Odom has made.