SPOKANE, Wash. — Thousands of basketball players will pour into Downtown Spokane for Hoopfest, ready to hit the court and leave with some wins.

"This is my first year playing and I wanted to win so taking it pretty seriously,” Todd Brenaman, Hoopfest participant said. “A lot of water and a lot of stretching, getting shots up today."

Brenaman doesn't want to disappoint in his first Hoopfest. But some participants have a different mindset going into the tournament. Participants like Robert Carlson.

"Zero seriousness going on here I'm going to wake up in the morning and do a hot lap around and that's about it,” Carlson said. “I tore a hamstring last year so there's going to be a little more stretching this year.”

The same goes for Stephen Sibley, who has participated in multiple Hoopfest tournaments.

"This is my seventh or eighth year in a row and slowly we've taken a little less seriously as we've gotten older, but it's always a lot of fun," Sibley said.

Whether serious or more laid back, Hoopfest weekend is all about fun.

"Just hang out with my friends," Brenaman said. "Hang out and experience something new."