SPOKANE, Wash.— Being scared is part of the fun during Halloween, but for pets that don’t know what’s going on, it can be a little too scary.

Officials with Spokane County Regional Animal Protection Service said Halloween is the second busiest time of the year, right after the Fourth of July.

SCRAPS special programs manager, Janet Dixon, said pets get scared easy during Halloween and end up running away.

"The doorbell rings, there's some creepy clown there, and your dog or cat can bolt through that door," said Janet Dixon, special programs manager at SCRAPS. "They may have a behavior that you wouldn't normally expect from them."

SCRAPS recommended that owners get their pets licensed and micro-chipped, since this is the fastest way to reunite animals with their owners when they get lost.

They also recommend that owners do not take dogs trick-or-treating with kids.

The best thing to do with nervous pets, is put them in a room, and play the radio or TV so they don't hear the constant foot traffic at the door.

SCRAPS also recommended that owners keep Halloween candy out of reach from pets, since chocolate can be especially bad for dogs.

If pets do go missing this Halloween, owners can check the SCRAPS website.