QUINCY, Wash. – The teenager accused of murder following a shooting on February 25 in a Quincy alleyway is in custody.

Police arrested 17-year-old Noel Cardenas at 3:15 p.m. on Sunday. He was located in a vehicle on Highway 281, approximately one mile north of George.

Cardenas is accused of tracking down Jahleel Munnings and Luis Trujillo while they were walking a dog in an alley at 3rd Avenue SE in Quincy on Feb. 25, according to court documents, and shooting at them.

Munnings died from his gunshot wounds at the scene, officials said, and Trujillo had to have shoulder surgery after being shot.

Court documents show Cardenas believed Munnings had broken into his family’s home about a month ago. The surviving shooting victim, Trujillo, explained to detectives that Cardenas had accused Munnings previously of the break in, and at the time of the shooting, said “you’re the one that broke into my house.”

Cardenas’ younger brother told detectives he had been home after school one day when a man who followed him home picked the lock on the front door and came in. The brother said the man didn’t say anything that time and left when he threatened to call the police. The younger brother said the person came back, weeks later on Jan. 23 when he had friends over, kicked the door in, and said to him “EBK Jay search me up.”

Cardenas is currently being held in the Grant County Jail and faces first degree murder charges, first degree assault charges and one count of a drive by shooting.