QUINCY, Wash. --- A teenager faces murder charges after a shooting in a Quincy alleyway on Feb. 25.

Noel Jesus Cardenas, 17, faces first degree murder charges, first degree assault charges and one count of a drive by shooting.

Cardenas is accused of tracking down Jahleel Munnings and Luis Trujillo while they were walking a dog in an alley at 3rd Avenue SE in Quincy on Feb. 25, according to court documents, and shooting at them.

Munnings died from his gunshot wounds at the scene, officials said, and Trujillo had to have shoulder surgery after being shot.

Court documents show Cardenas believed Munnings had broken into his family’s home about a month ago. The surviving shooting victim, Trujillo, explained to detectives that Cardenas had accused Munnings previously of the break in, and at the time of the shooting, said “you’re the one that broke into my house.”

Cardenas’ younger brother told detectives he had been home after school one day when a man who followed him home picked the lock on the front door and came in. The brother said the man didn’t say anything that time and left when he threatened to call the police. The younger brother said the person came back, weeks later on Jan. 23 when he had friends over, kicked the door in, and said to him “EBK Jay search me up.”

Detectives and the younger brother looked up EBK Jay on Facebook and found a page of a man a detective recognized to be Munnings, based on a photograph.

Trujillo said Munnings was forming a car group called “EBK,” according to court documents. Trujillo said they planned to have stickers on their cars with “EBK” which stood for “something boost killer,” then said it could stand for a lot of things, including “Every Body Killer.”

At the time of the break in to the Cardenas home, Noel Cardenas told police the only reason he could think of that it would have happened was something related to his past.

“Noel Cardenas mentioned if he was up to his old ways, he would go after this EBK Jay,” wrote the responding officer in the incident report. “I told Noel Cardenas to let the police handle the incident and not to get involved. Cardenas assured me he would not get involved.”

Munnings, at the time, had told police he spent Jan. 23 in Ephrata and Soap Lake with his friends. He told officers Cardenas and he had been friends and Cardenas owed him money but was not responding to him on the social media site Snapchat about it.

As of Thursday, police had not located Noel Cardenas and Friday he was still not listed as an inmate in Grant County Jail. Quincy PD was not immediately available for comment Friday.

According to Washington State law, teens between ages 16 and 17 that are accused of serious violent offenses will automatically charged as an adult.