MOSES LAKE, Wash.—A handshake lead to an arrest for the Moses Lake Police Department Saturday.

MLPD reported officers were dispatched to Wal-Mart after a theft in progress was reported.

Reports said officers watched two suspects conceal store property and then approached them.

Officials with MLPD said one of the suspects, 35-year-old Shawn Vandenbos, saw the officer coming and turned to extend his hand to shake hands with the officer.

Law enforcement said the officer firmly grasped his hand, and told Vandenbos he was under arrest. It was then Vandenbos realized he had made a mistake and he started to violently pull away and escape the arrest, according to MLPD reports.

MLPD authorities said the officer was able to “quickly introduce Vandenbos to the ground, and take him into custody.”

Law enforcement said both suspects had heroin and drug paraphernalia on them.

According to the MLPD’s Facebook, both suspects were arrested and booked into the Grant County Jail.