MOSES LAKE, Wash. – Officers from the Moses Lake Police Department helped a high school football player ask a cheerleader to homecoming.

According to MLPD, David Hirsch, a senior, planned with the police to bail out of his car during a traffic stop - with junior Maddie Higgins in the car - and take off running.

Watch the full video here.

Higgins would then be called back to the patrol car where Hirsch would be waiting with his homecoming request.

“Right out of the gate, David showed his inexperience in running from the cops, as he was a little slow jumping out of the car,” officers wrote in a Facebook post. “In fact, he actually put the car in park before opening the door or removing his seatbelt, which was the first time that’s ever happened in the history of running from the police.”

Hirsch then ran through a nearby field and back to the patrol car in plenty of time to ask Higgins to homecoming, police said.

“David did showcase his football speed running through the adjacent field and back to the patrol car in plenty of time to pop the question to Maddie, who jokingly (we think!) said, ‘No,’” officers wrote in their Facebook post.

Police said the officer involved came in on his off-duty time to help with the homecoming proposal and Hirsch had permission from his parents to pull off the whole event.