MOSES LAKE, Wash. -- Officers in Moses Lake helped a family after a man stole money that was set aside for their Christmas.

In a Facebook post, the Moses Lake Police Department posted about a woman who lost her purse at a grocery store in Moses Lake.

When she returned to the store to pick it up, she found a lot of money missing. That money had been set aside for food and Christmas presents for her four children.

Two officers looked at surveillance footage from the store. 35-year-old Viktor Kunayev, an employee, was charged with the theft.

The officers were able to use money from the Shop with a Cop program that was untouched. They used that to buy a bike and other gifts for the four children. They also got three other bikes from donations. The officers also made an emergency request for food for the family. The Food Bank helped deliver a few weeks worth of food for the family.