SPOKANE, Wash.—The Moses Lake Police Department urged people not to leave their cars unattended while they warm up after officers pursued a stolen vehicle Sunday morning.

MLPD said a resident started their car to warm it up early Sunday morning and within a few minutes the vehicle was stolen.

MLPD reported that 31-year-old Kenny Schappell drove off with the vehicle and “continued with his recent bad choices” when he fled from law enforcement.

Reports said the pursuit ended in Adams County where Schappell was stopped and also was found in possession of heroin.

MLPD officials said Schappell was arrested and booked on a variety of felony charges from the theft, pursuit and possession of illegal drugs.

Law enforcement said that preventing thefts are important to them and they strongly urged people not to leave their cars running to warm up.

MLPD reported that each winter the department has a high number of cars stolen when they’re left to warm up.

MLPD recommended that people start their cars, scrape the windows and go.