QUINCY, Wash. --- A former Quincy High School teacher is facing a cyberstalking charge after he made disturbing comments on a former student’s Facebook page.

Gregory A. Lisewych, is accused of sending a former male student a video on Facebook, saying he wanted to rape him, according to court documents. Lisewych is also accused of saying he had sex with the student’s girlfriend.

Lisewych also referenced doing drugs in the Facebook video, according to court documents.

The threats caused Quincy High School to go into a precautionary shelter-in-place on June 17 when they were made aware of the threats.

Lisewych resigned from Quincy HS earlier this year, before the incident on Facebook, school officials confirmed.

“The safety of our staff and students is the number one priority of the Quincy School District,” school officials wrote in a release posted on their website. “We feel it is important to notify you of this incident so you have accurate information and know that we are continuing to monitor the situation closely to ensure safety.”

Police arrested Lisewych at a hotel in Quincy. One officer said when they tried to put him into the patrol car, he “went limp” to passively resist his arrest, according to court documents.

“As we were entering Ephrata while in route to the jail, Lisewych began banging his head into the partition,” the officer recalled in court documents.

The former student has a restraining order against Lisewych, and stated he believes the former teacher is a threat to himself and others.