GRANT COUNTY, Wash. – The murder trial of Chad Bennett, accused of killing 82-year-old Lucille Moore of Ephrata, will soon come to a close.

Closing arguments took place on Monday in a Grant County court room.

Bennett is accused of killing Moore in September of 2014. He faces charges of first and second degree murder.

Lucille Moore, 82, was murdered in 2014. 

Investigators said Bennett entered Moore’s Ephrata home and stabbed her in the neck and chest. A coroner’s report revealed Moore was stabbed 17 times. When Moore was found, a pillow covered her face.

According to court documents, Bennett admitted to renting a home from Moore.

In 2014, Bennett told investigators that on the day of the murder, he went to Moore’s house to pay rent. He said Moore told him he still owed her for a security deposit.

Bennett claimed he went back to his home, got more money and then went back to Moore’s house to give it to her. He said he then left.

Documents state investigators found two items with DNA matching Bennett’s on blood-soaked evidence found at the murder scene.

There was also DNA from two unknown men.

When asked about the murder, Bennett allegedly told investigators that Moore was “wrapped up with drug dealers” and that a family member had killed her.

Bennett’s criminal history includes harassment, theft and stolen property convictions.

Bennett faces a charge of both first and second degree murder.

Court is scheduled to resume on Tuesday.