SPOKANE, Wash. – At Minnehaha Park, you can often see children playing and at night you can still hear children even when there is no one around.

The park is located on East Frederick Avenue and was established in 1909.

Local historian and ghostologist Chet Caskey said the stone building located in the heart of the park was the original home of a man named Edgar Webster. He had discovered mineral springs there in the 19th century and opened up a spa. Caskey said the mineral waters were also excellent for making beer. It was later transformed into the Union Brewing and Malting Company by John G.F. Hieber.

Caskey said there are a lot of urban legends about the ghosts in the park and the ghosts are very well documented. They have been seen there for 100 years.

Some say the building used to be an orphanage, others believe there was a fire in the building and three children were killed, but none are true.

“All of the urban legends here are trying to explain the presence of children ghosts and children ghosts are here,” Caskey explained. “Often at night you’ll hear children’s laughter and playing and running along the walks even if you’re the only one in the park.”

Caskey said footsteps and giggling are also heard throughout the park. Their presence in the park remains a mystery.

“We don’t know where the children ghosts come from,” Caskey said. “And they don’t have to come from tragedy. Sometimes the children make the ghosts not vice versa.”