Get ready for a beautiful full Strawberry "mini-moon" in the night sky Friday, but it won't turn any flavor of fruity colors.

A full moon in June was known as a "Strawberry Moon" by Native Americans. For them, it signaled that fruits, such as strawberries, were ripe for picking.

A "mini-moon" is called that because the moon will be at its further point from the Earth. Technically, according to, the moon was at its farthest point from earth on Thursday night. But on Friday, the moon will appear 12.3% smaller than average.

Of course, the moon doesn't acquire any special powers because of this name. It will be big, bright, and white just like any other full moon.

And while you're gazing at the moon, look for nearby Saturn! The "ringed wonder" of the solar system will be visible to the naked eye, appearing as a bright yellow-white "star" to the moon's lower right. Saturn's rings are tilted almost at the maximum toward Earth. The rings, which are made up of highly reflective particles of ice, will bolster's Saturn's brightness.

KING 5's Liza Javier contributed to this report.