SPOKANE, Wash. --- As a family mourns the loss of a child, Spokane fire and police departments look for answers.

Officials said a little boy died in a house fire in North Spokane on Friday. The family said that boy was three-year-old Noah Whitcher.

Now, there are two investigations happening. Officials said in a case like this they have two main tasks: find the cause of the fire and investigate the unattended death.

Spokane Fire Department investigators will determine the official cause of the fire. The Spokane Police Department's Major Crime unit will determine the official cause of the death.

Assistant Fire Chief Brian Schaeffer said Major Crimes has taken the lead on this case but fire investigators are working closely with them.

"We are just waiting for the toxicology and all the data to come in from the major crimes, as well as the medical examiner," said Schaefer. "To determine if he died of smoke inhalation or thermal burns."

A police spokeswoman expects to have more information next week.

In the meantime, those close to Noah's family have set up a Go Fund Me page to help his family recover from the fire.