REPUBLIC, Wash. – Republic Police Department’s new K-9 officer is back from training and better than ever.

Late last week, K-9 Karma and his partner, Chief Loren Culp, were certified by the State of Washington with zero misses.

On Sunday, Jan. 29, Culp and the pup were called out to a vehicle. After K-9 Karma alerted on the vehicle, police issued a search warrant and found a massive amount of drug paraphernalia inside.

“Day one and he is already on the job doing what he is trained to do! Do drugs in Republic and Karma is going to get you,” Culp wrote in a Facebook post.

K-9 Karma also tested with Washougal Police Department’s K-9 trainer for the state narcotics certification and earned a perfect score.

Phoenix Protective Corporation’s vice president Jagrut Shah offered funds to purchase and train K-9 Karma after the passing of Republic’s officer K-9 Isko.

Republic Police Department officials said they hope to cover the cost of equipment and remaining training through fundraising.

Rocker Ted Nugent also arrived in Republic on Friday to drop off an autographed 1998 Fender Stratocaster guitar for the police department’s fundraising raffle.

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